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Buying Guides


At Bertie Maffoons, our aim is simple; to give you the best customer service we can.
That is why we wonít sell you a bike online.

Itís virtually impossible to guarantee you the right bike in the right size without discussing your needs and trying out different bikes to check sizing first. Donít be fooled by sizing guides online, itís not just your height thatís important, itís actually more about the reach to the handlebars as well as the saddle height that will determine how comfortable the bike truly is. We may ask you 20 questions when you come in to buy a bike but we assure you its all necessary to fit you with the right size, model and even style of bike.

All our customers are important to us and will all receive the same level of service. Bike shops can be intimidating for women so we have a female member of staff on hand to help you if you would prefer.